Call for papers

Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA)

Presenting two papers is the maximum allowed at the NERA 2022 Conference. The schedule will be set by the organising committee – it will not be possible to consider requests for a specific presentation time or day.

Abstract text A NERA proposal for presentation must be written in English. The abstract should be 300-500 words (incl. references, if you have any) and should include the following:

  1. Research topic/aim
  2. Theoretical framework
  3. Methodology/research design
  4. Expected results/findings
  5. Relevance to Nordic educational research

Presentation types

Choose one of the following types of presentation:


Organised symposium

An organised symposium session builds on a theme and is proposed and planned by a symposium organiser. The papers focus on a common theme. A symposium has a chair (often the organiser) and one or more discussants, who have read the papers in advance. The conference organisers decide how many symposia are feasible at the conference. The symposium organiser will decide how the symposium is to be organised and the time allotment for each presentation. It is recommended that at least two different countries/national perspectives must be represented in the symposium. The organiser of the symposium is responsible for submitting the symposium proposal including all of the following elements:

1. The title of the symposium
2. An abstract describing the entire symposium 300-500 words)
3. Names of the contributors, titles of their presentations and each of their abstracts (300-500 words)


Paper presentation

Paper sessions consist of a presentation and a discussion of papers about ongoing or completed research projects. The time frame for each paper presentation is 20 minutes

including discussions. In each parallel session, maximum of four papers will be presented (in sessions with three papers, the time for each paper will be 25 minutes including discussions). Abstracts proposals for paper presentations should be 300-500 words.


Poster presentation

Poster sessions offer a more informal opportunity to present a project visually, on a poster, rather than orally. Poster presenters should expect to meet participants during the poster session – in order to maximizes interaction between participants and presenters. The abstract proposal (300-500 words) must describe the focus of the poster. Posters should be A0 size, portrait layout (84.1 cm wide × 118.9 cm high).


Roundtable discussion

A roundtable session is a forum for presenting and discussing developemental work, research plans, research in progress, practitioner experiences, educational improvement initiatives, issues in institutional effectiveness and improvement.

The organiser of the roundtable discussion should submit a roundtable proposal including all of the following elements:

1. The title of the roundtable discussion
2. An abstract describing the entire roundtable (300-500 words)
3. The names of the contributors and each of their abstracts (300-500 words each)

The abstract proposal must describe the focus and purpose of the session and ways in which participants will be engaged.

Deadline for abstract submission is midnight on February 15th, 2022.